pISSN : 0976-1225
eISSN: 2322-0384

Prevalence Of Dens Invaginatus In North Indian Population

Santosh Patil, Bharati Doni

How Reliable Is Sex Differentiation From Teeth Measurements

Anna P Joseph, Harish R K, P K Rajesh Mohammed, Vinod Kumar R B

Oral Carcinogensis And Its Prevention

Sonalee Shah, Manpreet Kaur

Diagnostic And Histogenetic Significance Of S 100 Protein In Oral Diseases

Manoj S Nair

Antioxidant Defence System

Deepali Patekar, Supriya Kheur, Neeta Bagul, Meena Kulkarni, Aditi Mahalle, Yashwant Ingle, Varsha Dhas

Adverse Effects Of Antiretroviral Therapy On Oral Tissues In HIV Positive Individuals

Shikha Shrivastava, Bastain T S, Arun Singh, Shalini Singh

Role Of Mast Cell In Oral Pathology

Supriya Kheur, Deepali Patekar, Neeta Bagul, Meena Kulkarni, Samapika Routray, Varsha Dhas

Gingival Enlargement In Epileptic Patients On Phenytoin Therapy- An Overview Of Possible Etiologies And Studies

Abhishek Singh Nayyar

Genetics And Tooth Anomalies - An Update

Aswathy Raj R, Deppa M S, Ahmed Hasan Farooqi T, Aswathy Brahmanandan

Ameloblastic Carcinoma: A Diagnostic Impasse For Both Pathologist And Surgeon

Samapika Routray, Sumit Majumdar, Niharika Swain

Oro-Facial Herpes Zoster: A Case Report With A Detailed Review Of Literature

D A Vineet, R Mithra, Pavitra Baskaran, Satyaranjan Mishra

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