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Oral melanotic nevi: a case report and review of literature

V T Beena, Isha Chauhan, R Heera, R Rajeev

A clinicopathologic study of odontogenic keratocyst (OKC) and the role of AgNORs in cell proliferation

Vindhya Savithri, Ipe Varghese

Double headed mandibular premolar - a miraculous development anomaly

Sivakumar T T, Bindu J Nair, Resmi K Raman

Basal cell ameloblastoma: a rare case report and review of literature

Fatema Saify, Nidhi Sharma

Gingival vascular basement membrane changes in diabetes mellitus

Giju George Baby, Sheeba Padiyath

Ameloblastic Fibroma of Anterior Maxilla - A Case Report

Shaini Basheer, Shameena, Ipe Varghese, Sudha S, Resmi G Nair

Central cementifying fibroma of mandible a case report

B S Sreenivasam, Joseph Edward, S Sunil

Use of Amorolfine in Candida - associated Denture Stomatitis

Babu Cherian, S Sunil

Efficacy of tissue conditioner acting as effective fungicidal drug delivery system An Invitro study

Jose Julian, S Sunil, Giju George Baby

Apoptosis in odontogenesis - a brief review

Bindu J Nair

Submucosa precedes lamina propria in initiating fibrosis in Oral submucous fibrosis - Evidence based on collagen histochemistry

Anna P Joseph, R Rajendran

Advancing the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial pathology

Brad W Neville

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