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Acinic cell carcinoma of plate - A rare presentation

Sankar Vinod, Arun George, S Sunil, Mathew James

Taurodontism of multiple teeth - A Case Report

Joshy V R, Maji Jose, Rajeesh Mohammed

Adenoid cystic carcinoma of hard palate : A Case Study

Aarthi Mahajan, Meena Kulkarni, Mitesh Parekh, Mebrunisha Khan, Arpan Shab, Mahesh Gabbane

Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia - A Case Study

Geetha Varghese, Pradeesh Sathyan

Primary tuberculous osteomyelitis of the mandible - A Rare Case Report

P. Venkat Baghirath, A Bhargavi Krishna, Ashalata, P Sanjay Reddy

The relevance of CDx Brush biopsy in diagnosing early oral cancer in developing countries

Babu Mathew, Sayed Mohammed Nabeel

Salivary Diagnostics - Reloaded

Tharun Varghese Jacob, Ambil Sara Varghese

Giant cell lesions of oral cavity - A review

Ipe Varghese, Ashwin Prakash

Nano technology in cancer diagnosis and treatment : An Overview

Rathy Ravindran

Potentially malignant disorders of oral cavity

Antony George, Sreenivasan B S, Sunil S, Soma Susan Varghese, Jubin Thomas, Devi G, Varghese Mani

Cytogenetic alterations in oral squamous cell carcinoma detected by karyatyping (g-banding)

P M Sunil, C R Ramachandran, Arulmoli, Santha Devy, Soma Susan Varghese

Immunohistochemical evalution of bcl-2 oncoprotein in oral dysplasia and carcinoma

Resmi G Nair, P M Shameena, Ipe Varghese, Sudha S

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