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Bloch Sulzberger Syndrome - Rare Case Report in an 11 Year Male Child

Sreedevi, Anshuman Dixit, Anil Kumar Nagarajappa, Santosh R Patil, Vinod Bandela

An Insight into the Pathogenesis of Odontogenic Hamartomas Involving Oral Cavity

Debanjali Mukherjee

Risk Factors for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Young Adults

Deepa A G, Sudha S, Resmi G Nair, Indu G

A Review on Zebra Fish as an Experimental Model for Studying Craniofacial Development Disorders.

Deepu George Mathew, E Lakshmipriya, Priya Thomas, Nirupa Thomas

Evaluation of Feulgen, Crystal Violet and Mallory’s PTAH Stains in Assessment of Mitotic Figures in 3 Grades of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Sherin James, Siddharth Pandit, Dinkar Desai

The Prevalence of Chemotherapy Induced Oral Lesions in Cancer Patients

Arghavan Tonkaboni, Mandana Batebi

A Comparative Study of Verrucous Hyperplasia and Verrucous Carcinoma of the Oral cavity: Clinicopathological Dilemma Revisited

Zeeba S Jairajpuri, Shaan Khetrapal, Rubeena Mohroo, Sujata Jetley, Arun P Sharma, Simpy Raj, Beenish Sultan, Safia Rana

Odontogenic Keratocyst with Atypical and Aggressive Behavior: Case Report

Rafael Martins Afonso Pereira, Vitor Carvalho Rodrigues, Gabriella Moreira dos Anjos, Helvécio Marangon Jr.

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