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Evaluation of Effect of Duration of Gutkha Chewing Habit on Different Salivary Parameters- A Cross Sectional Study

M. Venkatesan, Maji Jose, Sudeendra Prabhu


E Anuradha Sunil


E Anuradha Sunil

Evaluation of Feulgen, Crystal Violet and Mallory’s PTAH Stains in Assessment of Mitotic Figures in 3 Grades of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Sherin James, Siddharth Pandit, Dinkar Desai


E Anuradha Sunil

Evaluation and Correlation of Tooth Morphometrics in the Maxillary Arch for Sex Identification

Kukkala Harshitha, Sanjeetha Mohamed, Divya Uppala, Chava Manjusha, Kotamreddy Sreedevi

Evaluation of Canine Index and Intercanine Width to Establish Sexual Dimorphism among Three Different Populations

Priyanka Singh, Sanjay K Singh, Shikha Saxena, Shaleen Chandra, Supriya Sharma, Pradkhshana Vijay

Emerging and Re-emerging Infections

Divya Rajaji, E Anuradha Sunil, Archana Mukunda, Meera K Pynadath, Arun Mohan, Steffy R Samuel

Evaluation of Cortisol Levels in Oral Ulcer Patients: A Descriptive Study

Praveen Kumar, Sumit Majumdar, Divya Uppala, Ishita Bhalla

Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome: A Case Report of Two Brothers

Tibin K Baby, Rekha Krishna Pillai, PR Bindhu, Priya Thomas

Extreme Ameloblastoma

Rashmi GS Phulari, Rajendrasinh S Rathore, Rahul K Thakkur, Arpan K Shah

Effectiveness of Agents Like Platelet-rich Plasma, Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose and Microfibrillar Collagen in Hard-tissue Healing: Validation of Their Comparative Effectiveness

Khalid Al Fouzan, Hari Pillai, Anil Sukumaran, Raveendranath Rajendran

Evaluation and Comparison of Micronuclei from Intraoral Smears of Petrol Pump Attendants and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients

Divya Uppala, Parmeswara Peela, Sumit Majumdar, Mahesh BabuTadakamadla, G Sanjeev Anand

Evalution of Oral Health in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Rathy Ravindran, M G Deepa, A K Sruthi, Cherian Kuruvila, S Priya, S Sunil, Joseph Edward, G Roopesh

Effective Management of a Large Radicular Cyst with Surgical Enucleation

J Arun Kumar, Narendra Achuthan, Kamaraj Loganathan, Dominic Augustine

Extra-Oral Hemangioma In A 10 Year Old Girl - A Case Report With Literature Review

R Kannan, B Sekar, S Murali, Dominic Augustine

Efficacy of tissue conditioner acting as effective fungicidal drug delivery system An Invitro study

Jose Julian, S Sunil, Giju George Baby

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