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Histopathological Bodies in Oral Pathology

1. NJ Naziya, 2. P Jayanthi, 3. RK Harish, 4. R Rathy, 5. S Sunil

Heritability and Correlation of Lip Prints and Palmprints in South Kerala Population

V R Rekha, S Sunil, R Rathy

Herpes Zoster: A Clinicopathologic Correlation with Literature Review

N Malathi, Sharada T Rajan, Thamizhchelvan, N Sangeetha

How Reliable Is Sex Differentiation From Teeth Measurements

Anna P Joseph, Harish R K, P K Rajesh Mohammed, Vinod Kumar R B

Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia - A Case Study

Geetha Varghese, Pradeesh Sathyan

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