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Fibrosarcoma of Maxilla

2019-04-11 13.00 pm


Fibrosarcoma is a rare malignant neoplasm of mesenchymal
and fibroblastic origin rarely affecting head and neck region. It
reveals anaplastic fibroblastic proliferation of spindle-shaped
cells. The tumor is aggressive and causes infiltration of surrounding
tissues with distant metastasis. Fibrosarcoma of oral
cavity mostly involves mandible frequently and rarely maxilla.
We report a case of fibrosarcoma of maxilla in a 45-year-old
male patient who presented with a rapidly enlarging swelling
of maxillary alveolus with ulceroproliferative growth causing
maxillary arch constriction. The case report with a brief review
of literature of the tumor has been discussed.

Keywords: Aggressiveness, Malignancy, Surgical excision,
Ulceroproliferative growth.

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