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Multiple Supernumerary Teeth in a Nonsyndromic 11-year-old Boy

2019-04-11 13.00 pm


The maximum incidence of supernumerary teeth is in the maxillary anterior region. They are classified based on their type and location. Their occurrence can lead to several clinical issues. Hence, identification and management of these teeth is very important for a future healthy, well-aligned dentition.

Case report: An 11-year-old male patient reported to the Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry outpatient department (OPD), Royal Dental College, Palakkad, with extreme irregularities of maxillary anterior segment, which led to a comprehensive investigation with cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). The CBCT revealed the presence of complex odontoma, fused supernumerary tooth, unerupted 21 and palatally erupted 22. Patient was advised surgical removal of unerupted supernumerary and odontoma followed by orthodontic alignment of permanent teeth.

Conclusion: A thorough understanding about the etiology, investigations, and associated complications caused by supernumerary teeth helps the dental surgeon to arrive at a specific treatment plan so as to provide optimal treatment for each patient presenting with supernumerary teeth.

Keywords: Maxillary anterior segment, Odontome, Supernumerary teeth.

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